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Coping With Body Acceptance and Body Image Issues After Pregnancy

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Body Acceptance and Body Image Issues After Pregnancy:
Body Image Issues After Pregnancy - The weight was still there, and it was not going anywhere fast. I could not look at my nude body after getting out of the shower. I was disgusted with the way I looked. I began to attempt to shed weight in ways that were entirely unhealthy.
I'd lose a little weight and when I stop doing it that way, the weight would only come back. Finally, after speaking with some of my buddies, I joined a health club.
I thought I had the world in the palm of my hands, I 'd a terrific occupation, I was going to college and then became pregnant. For the first few months I hardly gained any weight whatsoever and then it came with a vengeance.

I was expecting that when my son was eventually born all the weight would magically vanish and my body would return to the way it was. Boy was I wrong!
Body Image Problems After Pregnancy
I began to eat healthy several times a day and work out regularly. For the first month, I was down ten pounds and couldn't have been more happy about it.
The next month I only lost five pounds and was somewhat disappointed because I Had been working so hard at it, but I kept with it. Eight months after my child was born, was down to 120 pounds and appeared healthier than I did before.
My muscles were strengthened and more fit than I Have ever been in my life.
Love Your Body - Body Image Problems After Pregnancy
Body image is something every adolescent and adult struggle with at times. The media has spun teens to think that being wider than a pencil isn't cool, so adolescents strive to accomplish this unrealistic goal in an unhealthy way.
If you are a teenager unhappy with the way you look, lose weight the healthy manner. Eat appropriate, work out and you will appear perfect, should youn't already look perfect already. Do not let the media, your "friends" or even your family drag you down with their unrealistic visions of perfection.
We are all amazing just the way we are but all of US need to be healthy too!
Nudism educates us to accept people just the way they are. But, at exactly the same time, it is necessary to strive for a healthy lifestyle not so we have the perfect looking body, but so that we healthy and happy!
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